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Choosing the Right Pest Control Company

At some point most homeowners will encounter some type of pest issue during their ownership period. These pests can include termites, rodents, insects, and even the occasional raccoon among many others. Many of us prefer to try and eliminate the pests ourselves by purchasing sprays and traps but sometimes it gets to the point where a professional pest service company is needed to come in and finish the job. We put together this checklist to help you select the best pest control service.

  • Licenses - Most states require that a pest control company obtain certified licenses demonstrating the proper training. Verify that any potential companies you hire have their proper licenses in place
  • Insurance - All contractors and pest service companies need insurance. Make sure you obtain proof of insurance including the amount and expiration date
  • References - A great company will always have references readily available so feel free to ask and call people who have hired the company in the past
  • Inspection - Will the company provide a free inspection after explaining the problem over the phone? Many companies do offer a free inspection because homeowners are able to tell if they have a problem or not and typically hire a company to do the job
  • Treatment - After an inspection is completed a very detailed contract should be provided by the pest control company that highlights the treatment process as well as a line-item cost of the job
  • Ongoing Maintenance - Most treatments require additional checkups every few months to make sure that the pests do not reappear and that the initial treatment worked. Be sure to ask what type of ongoing maintenance is required and the cost of the plan

Having pests is definitely a big frustration but thankfully there are a number of professional companies out there that can handle and remedy the situation quickly.

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