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Pest Control DIY or Hire?

Pests are a pain to deal with but thankfully there are plenty of companies out there to help. Depending on the size of the problem it might make sense to pick up a can of pesticide or bug killer at your local home improvement store. Much larger situations such as small animal or bug infestation might require the help of a professional pest service company. Here are some common approaches to help you decide between doing it yourself or hiring a pro.

For bug or insect issues first ask yourself if you are comfortable spraying pesticide, using foggers, and cleaning up dead bugs. If the answer is yes, determine how much spray or fog you will need to cover your entire home, including any exterior openings where the insects or bugs are entering the home. If bugs or insects are still getting into the house after spraying then it might be time to use a local professional.

Have a mouse in your house? Chances are a simple mouse trap might do the trick. On the other hand, if you are seeing multiple mice or rats in your house then perhaps consult a pest company.

If you have a cockroach or termite problem then we highly recommend hiring a professional to help with the issue since these critters constantly reproduce and are very difficult to get rid of. In most cases a one-time spray will not do the job and multiple treatments are needed. In addition, clean up could involve removing 1000s of dead bugs.

Small animals such as raccoons or opossums can sometimes be dealt with by purchasing a trap from a local store and removing the animal yourself. If you find that the animal is stuck in the trap and still alive then be very careful or hire a professional rodent remover to come in and take away the animal.

It doesn't hurt to call a pest control company and get a few quotes before making the decision on whether to hire a pro or do it yourself. DIY takes a lot of time and effort and it might be worth paying a pro to do the job. Always remember to contact multiple companies so that you get the best price!

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